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Employment opportunities within various sectors of SA medical industry for unemployed doctors

Doctor Babalwa Maholwana, an MBChB graduate at university of KwaZulu-Natal, a corporate strategist with over 15years in medical research giving advice to the regulatory sector, RND and the entire value chain of the medical industry explains the various opportunities that exist within the medical industry for unemployed doctors and medical graduates to explore by looking at the various medical industry chains where she has been working as a medical advisor.


“These various opportunities that exist within the medical industry are not well communicated on public platforms or discussion panels in order to give unemployed doctors and unemployed medical graduates avenue to explore. There is a bigger discussion we need to have on how we can tackle the crisis of unemployment doctors by increasing awareness on how we can shorten the crisis we face in the medical industry.” says Dr. Babalwa Maholwana.


“Based on the authority of my own experience and my own career path. I have been a medical advisor working within various spaces within the medical industry and have learnt on the job about the endless opportunities that exist for medical practitioners and medical graduates. There are entire industries within the medical chain that exist which unemployed doctors and medical graduates can explore without looking at only one sector of the healthcare industry. Doctors will not only will contribute but will get trained to specialise in these various industries that exist within the medical space which turns to blowup an infinite number of possibilities and alternatives.” Says Dr Maholwana.



On research and development sector it is an industry on its own with plenty of opportunities for unemployed doctors to explore. You can work within various industries in the medical sector without having to practise as a clinician. Jobs and employment practices to explore within the research and development sector is working as a research paramedic, medical content writer, medical science liaison, medical technologist, research and media planner, clinical research associate. Other research and development sectors to explore is within the scientific – laboratory – chemistry – biotechnology fields.


The management sector or leadership sector is where she practices as a medical advisor. This sector is where corporate strategy as a speciality within the medical industry. Healthcare managers are people with specific knowledge about healthcare operations and legal regulations of the medical industry. They ensure the smooth functioning of healthcare departments within healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, product manufacturing units. Healthcare management is a booming industry because it enables healthcare organisations to run their daily operations, control their budgets and deliver better services to medical patients.



In the pharmaceutical sector you have a wide host of possibilities and endless opportunities of employment starting from pre-marketing space to the distribution of medical products and supplies to other healthcare organisations. South Africa’s pharmaceutical market is booming and witnessing a surge in demand for generic drugs and oncology drugs due to the high demand and affordability. Some of the highest paying jobs within the pharmaceutical industry that unemployment medical professionals can explore:


· Pharmacometrician

· Pharmacist Manager

· Pharmaceutical Physician

· Hospital Pharmacist

· Clinical Pharmacologist

· Chief Pharmacist

· Pharmacy Consultant

· Pharmacy Informaticist



The post marketing space within the medical industry has so many options for doctors to explore as a market specialist in a conventional way. By different options we are referring to the various areas in which doctors can specialise in market access without having to go back to practicing medicine but to rather become an academic specialist within the various spaces of the medical industry. “When I talk about market access, I am referring to medical aids, management care etc. which is its whole entire industry.” says doctor Babalwa Maholwana.

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